February 2024

Russell Green brought his Esquale to the meeting and talked a bit about its history and his experience buying and flying it. It was designed by Vol Mediterrani, a Spaniard, and the resemblance to a Lancair can be attributed to his working at Lancair for a year before he returned to Spain to design this plane. He found some partners in Wisconsin and they got the plans and molds for the plane. As part of the marketing strategy for this kitbuilt, they built 60 planes. His is one of 60 that were built by the company under E-AB rules. There was quite a bit of interest in the plane and deposits flowed in. Unfortunately, for the American investors, Vol Mediterrani absconded with the deposits. The aircraft is currently produced in the US by Arion Lightning so parts are available.

The aiplane has an 18:1 glide ratio and a very high aspect ratio. I didn’t get a good picture of the wings but they are very long with slotted flaps and small ailerons. The cabin looks cramped but it is wider than a 172.

The discussion touched on the Rand KR-2 homebuilt that Russell owned befor he bought his Esquale.

Rand KR-2 homebuilt Esquale Esquale Interior Russell

Thanks Judy for the spread!


There aren’t as many videos on YouTube as there are of Ercoupes but there are a few.