September 2022

A good turnout of a dozen people for this month’s meeting. Paulo and Kurt showed off the control room for the telemetry project they’ve been working on for Cal Poly students taking his 400 level class. Kurt flew the school’s RV over Avila Bay and we got to watch parameters on the aircraft as he did stalls and steep turns. Eventually the SR22 that just arrived will be controlled remotely from the control room.

This is the computer and radio box used to receive and send data to the airplane.


Here’s Paulo and the new Cirrus SR22 that he’ll be using to collect data and send commands to the Cirrus.


Right now they are using an RV7 that Kurt built with Cal Poly students a while ago. Kurt flew it over Avila Bay and we watched as stall data and steep turn data was returned.

Paulo Paulo

The control center uses the same off-the-shelf software that aerospace companies use when testing their designs.

Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo