February 2021

Once again, there’s not a whole lot of chapter news this month but I found a couple of things you might be interested in.

Perseverance has parts made in SLO

For the Perseverance rover, Next Intent built three components out of titanium and aluminum, including two for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. KSBY has the story.

High Altitude Training

For anyone interested, Gary has begun high altitude training in Aerocademy’s Cessna U2.

High Altitude

Victor Glover goes for a walk.

Cal Poly alumnus Victor Glover went on a spacewalk to help assemble parts for the space station.

Hopkins and Glover Spacewalk

Close Call between Marchetti and Embraer at KSBP

KSBP made it onto VAS Aviation’s YouTube channel this month. The controller (it sounds like Dylan) handled it well. Moral to the story: Don’t stop listening to the tower until you are out of the Class D airspace and maintain situational awareness.

A Bit of Levity


Public Service Announcement: Vaccines and Flying

The FAA has issued guidance for airmen who have received any of the three COVID-19 vaccines that are now approved in the US. Most people who have received the first shot of Moderna/Pfizer only have soreness but some have had flu symptoms. The majority of people getting the second shot have reported being wiped out for a day or so.

Holders of FAA-issued Airman Medical Certificates or Medical Clearances may receive [all three] COVID-19 vaccine; however, a 48-hour “No Fly/No Safety-Related Duty” interval must be observed after the injection.