February 2020

Morgan Hall talked about flying Nixus at Paso

Flying Nixus at Paso

He also passed along a few links in case people are interested in learning more about soaring opportunities in the area.
Website for the Central California Soaring Association:
There is also limited instruction available in Santa Ynez from Cloud 9 Glider Rides.  It is a commercial operation, but does have a training glider and instruction available by request I believe.
Here is a link to a flight he made last month with his friend Kempton.  Over 550 miles using wave lift in front of a fast moving storm.

Rotocraft Raffle

Vance brought his rotocraft to the meeting and Rob got to fly back to KSMX with him.
A longer ride is $250 for an hour of ground and an hour of flight  or $450 for all day which typically includes two and a half hours of flight.

Rob with Vance Heading to KSMX