August 2020

Interesting YouTubers

This is Mike Patey’s most recent project. He’s starting with a Cub frame, but that’s about the only thing in common with an actual Cub. If you follow along (I think he’s on his 26th video now) you can watch as the carbon fiber body takes shape. Normal people might think that five Garmin G3X touchscreens was overkill, but not Mike.

Starting with a Wilga, Mike built a monster back-country plane that he unfortunately crashed taking off after Reno last year. Here he explains what happened.

Trent Palmer has upgraded his Kitfox and flies it all over the Nevada area. Here’s the first video of his upgrade process when he put a Rotax engine in his plane.

It’s hard to pick the best Stevo1Kinevo video. The TBM 850 seems like a blast to fly and he seems to have a good time flying with Mindy and Sarah— factory reps for Textron Aviation. This is one of my favorites.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you hit a drone, got trapped in your cabin, or got a chain caught in your prop, Jon has you covered. He has a Cherokee whose wing bolts rotted away in Florida and he’s dismantling it. He also has some interesting videos of flying in Alaska.

Lew Dix is a young energetic flight instructor who flies for a regional in Florida. He takes a somewhat unconventional approach to instruction.

Pilot Bambi is a Dutch pilot who has done a bunch of interesting things to get hours. From learning to fly gliders at 14 in The Netherlands, to getting her Private Pilot license in South Africa, to flying skydivers in the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

I’m not much of a podcast listener, but this one with Chuck Rosenberg and Sully Sullenberger is interesting. Search for “The Oath” in your podcast app or use this link. At the 20 minute mark he talks about learning to fly from a grass strip in a taildragger.